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This hub was made to connect researchers in the field of implementation science and offers an introduction to implementation science concepts. Key feature include:


This website provides tips and approaches to evaluating capacity and planning for implementation, as well as identifying and overcoming challenges in the process of implementation. Find these tips on the page below:

The Institute for Public Health’s Center for Dissemination and Implementation put together a list of recommended resources for researchers to use. A feature in their toolkit:

This website houses an Implementation Science Core Training Series that includes:

The University of Melbourne provides many resources for implementation science, one being a section that includes

  • implementation strategy publications at the bottom of their page.

Implementation Strategies

Implementation strategies are methods or actions that can be used to address implementation barriers, improve the speed of implementation, increase effectiveness of implementation, and sustain implementation over time. There are a different types of implementation strategies, including: dissemination, implementation process, integration, capacity-building, and scale-up strategies. Below are compiled resources for more information on implementation strategies.

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