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The Active Implementation Hub has content relevant to any stakeholder (e.g., educator, trainers, practitioners) involved in active implementation and scaling up of programs. There are a variety of modules and virtual lessons that are relevant for implementation teams and specialists. Key features include:

This website houses a training series and includes materials providing guidance on writing Dissemination and Implementation Proposals, with content specific to 1) fidelity & adaptation, 2) sustainability, 3) dissemination strategies.

  • Of note related to implementation practice, there is a toolkit, template and guidance for quality improvement in implementation projects. 

This toolkit houses a series of resources and important links helpful to implementation science researchers. It has been created with input from researchers using the website.

  • Specifically, the website provides a list of resources for implementation practice, in addition to resources for IS training, community-based and participatory research, and funding.

This toolkit was made with resources available to guide practitioners through implementation science and shares effective methods to take when researching.

Implementation Practice

This website is also intended to support implementation practitioners in the application of evidence emerging from implementation science and research. Practitioners may be individuals or teams working to tailor implementation frameworks, strategies and approaches to different contexts and settings to meet the specific needs of the communities and people they serve, and to improve intended outcomes. Below are resources that can support such work of implementation practice.

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