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This website is a great resource for beginners in implementation science. In addition to the introductory video to the right, there are guides and descriptions for each stage of research that can help researchers design their studies including:

This webpage was created by the National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health to provide tools geared toward scientists in cancer research, as well as training opportunities. A key feature is:

WHO's toolkit is designed to guide those conducting implementation research and to help in the formation of multidisciplinary research teams. Start by viewing the follow key feature:

The Active Implementation Hub is an online learning center for anyone involved in implementation science and focuses on actively using implementation in education. Key features include the following:

Introduction to Implementation Science

As it is a fairly new field of study, Implementation Science can have varying definitions. This section includes a general overview of what Implementation Science and Dissemination and Implementation is and how to begin using it in research.

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