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This website has guides and descriptions for each stage of research that can help researchers design their studies. Key features for methods include:​

This site provides a variety of resources for Implementation Science, some specific to cancer research, but also IS funding opportunities across NIH. Key features include:

The source focuses on sharing resources specific to knowledge translation, determining research quality, and evidence-based resources. It is composed of key papers describing important skills in the field, checklists to completing steps in the research process, and information on completing reviews. Key features include:​

This website has a focus on the applications of implementation science in global health. There are seven modules organized as toolkits to help one understand the research process in this context. Key features include:


This resource specifically describes dissemination and implementation (D&I) research in terms of advancing public health and how to create a study utilizing its methods and approaches. It shares an overview of the research process and toolkits created for distinct steps in developing the study. Key features include:

Methods & Approaches

A variety of research methods and study designs are used in implementation research, including mixed qualitative and quantitative research, participatory research models, and hybrid effectiveness-implementation study designs. Below are compiled resources for more information on different implementation research methods and approaches

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